Fun, active language classes in York for young children

Children are most receptive to language learning during their earliest years. They naturally pick up sounds and duplicate them from a young age.

Our classes

Songs play a big part in our classes as it has been found that words learnt to a tune are recalled more easily. We start with a hello song and finish with a goodbye song. In between we follow a carefully planned programme of songs, rhymes, games and role play activities. Sitting down activities alternate with more active ones. Puppets and visually appealing resources are used. Snack and story time is always popular - children are keen to ask politely for a biscuit, croissant or piece of fruit.

Language topics

Throughout the term we progress by building up vocabulary and phrases relating to the term's topic. Examples of topics are 'Seaside and holidays' or 'Homes and families'. Within and around these themes we cover numbers, colours, parts of the body, transport, food, animals, toys, clothes, and more. Especially important are phrases children and their families can use abroad on holiday. We also include aspects of French and Spanish culture.

Classes for ages 2 to 4

Children engage with our puppets and appealing materials. They learn to give their name and age, and also to talk about their feelings and likes and dislikes. They follow the actions to songs and rhymes, then at their own pace join in with the words. With regular repetition children connect Spanish or French words to pictures, objects and situations. New words are practised through a variety of activities including guessing games, hide and seek and at our pretend shops. A sticky craft activity in class means children can share what they've learnt at home

Classes for ages 4 plus

Songs, games and role play still play a big part at this level. Additionally, children follow and give instructions, talk about themselves and other people, ask questions and start to speak in longer sentences. Their range of useful vocabulary increases with word groups such as the weather, the time, the days of the week, the months of the year, numbers up to 30, 40, 50 and more.